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Friday, June 15

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    20th Century World History
    Curriculum Framework for 2011-20122012-2013
    {20th Century World History_Curriculum Framework_2011 2012.docx}
    *Curriculum Framework updated as of July 1, 2011
    20th Century World History - District Benchmark Assessment Calendar 2011-2012
    {9th 20th Century World History DBA Calendar 2011 2012.xlsx}
    Curriculum Team:
    East High School: Deborah Peterson and Greg Marshall
    Hoover High School: Amber Davison and Maureen Murphy
    Lincoln High School: Jeffrey Mullin, Morgan Owen and Brian Tate
    North High School: Praveen Bannikatti and Homer Hill
    Roosevelt High School: Tim Dowler
    Guide_2012 2013.docx}
    20th Century World History - Favorite Web Sites:
    Digital History
    20th Century Revolutions:
    Document Workshop Protocol
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Monday, April 2

  1. page 20th Century Synthesis Project edited ... {Final Exam Proposal and Presentation.docx} {Research_question_Graphic_Organizer1.docx} A…
    {Final Exam Proposal and Presentation.docx}
    Amber G.'s Templates
    {Unit 6_Self Evaluation for Research.doc}
    {Unit 6_Research Project_Writing Lab Essay_Mullin.docx}
    {Unit 6_Research Project_Skeleton Essay.docx}
    {Unit 6_Research Project_Sample Title Page.docx}
    {Unit 6_Research Project_RUBRIC.docx}
    {Unit 6_Research Paper Self-Checklist.docx}
    {Unit 6_ Research Project_Steps 1-5 Essay Research.docx}

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