The Post Colonial World

Pacing: 8 weeks

Essential Questions:

What questions are important to ask about power, authority, and governance in the post-colonial world?

How are the human rights of the individual, affected by the shifts in power structure?


Instructional Focus:

Cold War
origins of the Cold War
containment policies
iron curtain
proxy wars
technology, nuclear weapons, and space wars
reasons for independence movements

Learning Objectives:

1. Explain the origins of the Cold War and the advent of nuclear politics
2. Analyze the impact of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe
3. Explain the causes and consequences of major Cold War crises
4. Analyze the connections between superpower, rivalries and the development of technology (military, nuclear, space, etc.)
5. Explain why the Cold War happened and assess its significance as a major 20th century event.
6. Investigate and evaluate various independence movements*
7. Research and create a newspaper on an independence movement in the post-colonial world*

Common Assessments:

District Benchmark Assessment Term 4

Create an authentic project on an independence movement of the 20th century (i.e. newspaper)

Lesson Ideas and Resources:

Sample Unit Plan - What Makes a War Cold?

Powerpoint - Proxy Wars, Korea and Vietnam