Pacing: 6 weeks

Essential Questions:

Why do some peoples feel they are entitled to rule the world?

How are some nations able to create an advantage over other nations?

Instructional Focus:

industrialization’s impact on imperialism
rise of mercantilism (ref. Latin America)
causes and motives for imperialism
slave trade
imperialism in China, Congo and India
intentions and outcomes of Berlin Conference and the Scramble for Africa
Analyze primary source documents
Short written responses to “What If” statements

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify and analyze circumstances and ideas that contribute to the cultural, economic, and political motives for imperialism.
2. Evaluate the methods of control used by imperialists and the impact of that control.
3. Explain the rise of mercantilism and imperialism in world history.
4. Compare and contrast the roles of cultural, economic, and political motives for imperialism.
5. Evaluate the impact of industrialization in the growth of imperialism.
6. Explain the justification for the slave trade and reactions to it.
7. Distinguish between different forms of imperialism in China, Congo, and India
8. Appraise the intentions and outcomes of the imperial powers at the Berlin Conference/Scramble for Africa.
9. Analyze the responses by native peoples to imperialism in China, Congo and India
10. Predict the future paths of imperial and imperialized nations based on their experiences during the age of imperialism.

Common Assessment:

District Benchmark Assessment Term 2

Sample Unit Plans:

Sample Unit Plan - a working document

Sample Imperialism Unit Overview - Bellevue School District, Bellevue WA

Lesson Ideas and Resources:

PowerPoint - Imperialism Images

PowerPoint - Imperialism Matrix

PowerPoint: Imperialism in Africa

Handout and Activity with PowerPoint: Scramble for Africa

Imperialism Document-Based Question (DBQ)

Web Resources:

1. Aztecs Britain China[[[[|:// Humanitarian Aid 5. US Role as an Imperial Power in 1900 Panama Canal Act, 1902 Panama Canal Treaty Signing, 1977 Berlin Conference Imperialism