20th Century Synthesis Project

Pacing: 3-4 weeks

Essential Questions:

Why is it important to interpret the past
Why does 20th Century history matter to me?

Instructional Focus:

students will have guided choice for the research project
research skills
formulate an opinion based on evidence
write a thesis statement
write an outline for a 5 paragraph essay

Learning Objectives:

1. Create an essential question to guide your research.
2. Utilize research skills to find reliable sources.
3. Develop a historical narrative (i.e. essay) based on the analysis of valid and useful primary and secondary sources.
4. Create a thesis statement based on an opinion developed through research.
5. Create an outline for the essay/performance product on a specific topic supporting the thesis (outline format determined by teacher).
6. Create a bibliography.
7. Create a performance product (authentic assessment, etc.) based on the thesis, outline, and bibliography.

Common Assessments:

District Benchmark Assessment Term 6
DBA will assess student proficiency levels on the research project

Lesson Ideas and Resources:

Amber G.'s Templates